My first year at BIMM

In June, I finished my first year studying at BIMM Brighton on the songwriting diploma. It was an incredible experience, in which I saw myself really develop as a songwriter, a musician and generally as a person. Reaching out of the normality, I decided not to go to my local sixth form and follow my passion and study music. Around me were so many talented musicians, tutors and people who know the industry inside out. It was surreal being surrounded by people with the same interests and dreams as you but still being able to share knowledge along the way. I have made friends with people from all across the world, of all different ages, each with their own personality and worked with them to create some amazing music and memories. During my three terms at BIMM I had some amazing experiences from writing new songs, to exploring Brighton Beach, to performing at Concorde 2 with an incredible band!

Signing up to a songwriting course it was obvious that there would be writing involved but I learnt new techniques of writing, was able to co write with my classmates and got to turn my original material into a full band arrangement. As a solo artist, it was a wonderful experience to hear what my songs would sound like fully put together. I had also never co written before, so having the chance to sit down with another songwriter and compose together was interesting and has definitely opened me up to doing more of that in the future. I feel like my songwriting has developed over the last year, as I have leant a lot more about both the basics and the more complex side of songwriting. However, it has also taught me that I am a songwriter for myself and that I do like specific ways of writing.

As anyone can imagine, being in Brighton can be overwhelming, from how big the city is to the extravagant surroundings and people that are in it. I stepped in not really knowing what to expect but everything was beautiful. As the weather got nicer from April time, my classmates and I would walk down to a our spot on the beach and spend that time to relax, catch up or do coursework. It made the college experience enjoyable and allowed time to de stress during essay season!

The best experience that I had from BIMM was the opportunity to perform at Concorde 2 in Brighton. This is a well established venue in Brighton, which all local musicians wish to play, so for us to get the opportunity to work in bands and perform there was amazing. I got together with musicians across courses, including some from my class to transform my original song ‘Dear George’ ( into a full band song that would show off everyones abilities. We had a few rehearsals, and I think that the results turned out great. I really enjoyed working with new musicians and getting the chance to perform in such an incredible venue.

I am really looking forward to going back to BIMM in October to study Event Management for a year. I’m sure it’ll open up even more experiences and lead me further in to the industry.

Mills x

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