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Friday in Brighton.

My Friday was spent amongst the people of brighton. The large town is no stranger to me, as I have ventured through the crowds of the lanes many times. However, it has been a while since I have seen a beautiful sunset in England. We walked down to the beach just in time to get a perfect capture of the sun setting over the water and take a few cheeky selfies with the orange glow in the back. For a moment I forgot that I was shivering from the cold of England’s terrible weather and felt like I was back in Turkey, where there would be an incredible picture opportunity every night. My favourite part of Brighton has to be the lanes. The atmosphere all around them is electric and having so many vintage shops squeezed together is adorable. You can’t walk down a single lane without being drawn to something in a window or even the multiple stalls lined outside the shops. Buskers fill the streets with music, graffiti covers the walls, leaving you wondering how people can create such a thing. It’s honestly beautiful. You can buy just about anything in the name it, one of the shops is likely to have it. Going there with plans not to buy anything will fail, as you get drawn in by the guitar siting in the window or the gorgeous floral dress hanging by itself. As well as there being the lanes, the shopping centre also attracts many people with the big brand stores lined up. There’s such a variety of shops, something for everyone. Brighton consists of some of the best views in England as well as having the incredible shops and cafes to go a long with it. I can’t wait to be spending more time there over the next few years and get inspiration for writing..

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UNfest 2015…and an announcement!

Remembering Chloe ~ UNfest 2015

Remembering Chloe ~ UNfest 2015

Saturday May 27th – Monday May 25th 2015 ~ UNfest 2015. My bank holiday was spent at Tunbridge Well’s ‘UNfest’, a free music festival that is spread across multiple venues within the town. I was lucky enough to play twice! Once outside the Cakeshed in the Pantiles and then again at The Forum. I was asked to provide music outside the Cakeshed as part of UNfest, whilst people walked up and down the pantiles and sat around tables by the cafes and coffee shops on a Saturday afternoon. Thank you to the lovely people at the cakeshed for having me and those who hung around to listen to my set. On the Monday afternoon, I headed to The Forum and watched some very talented musicians, such as Andy Wilkinson, McCrei, Shep Sheperd and Habit, perform wonderful sets. I also played a half hour set to a lovely audience. I was able to have the chance to perform with my younger brother Max, he played the cajon for a couple of songs. At only eleven year old, he was the youngest musician at UNfest. Everyone danced and sung along ( shout out to Ryan and Max, my wonderful backing singers;) ), whilst raising money for a wonderful cause. The Forum’s event was all for ‘Remembering Chloe’. All the money that was raised went towards equipment for the wards that helped Chloe during her illness. It was a wonderful few days at UNfest, as there was live, local talent everywhere. I would like to thank Dan, Andy, Jason and Charlie for having me to play at both The Cakeshed and The Forum. I enjoyed them both. TARC:  and UNfest:   An announcement! After two weeks of voting for PooFest 2015, I am very pleased to say that I am through to the next round! Thank you to everyone that voted for me, whether it was Summer Festival or Blank Space..both songs got through to The Grey Lady stage! This means that I will be performing at The Grey Lady in Tunbridge Wells along with the other finalists, to decide who will be playing at poofest! More details of this will be posted on my facebook page very shortly. Thank you again to anyone who voted, I really appreciate your support! Milly x   Facebook: Youtube: